The Divorced Dad Diaries

Episode 17 - Interview with Tracy Poizner from Essential Stepmom

November 29, 2020

This week, I had the pleasure to meet with Tracy Poizner from The Essential Stepmom.

In addition to her group for stepmoms, Tracy hosts a Facebook community for divorced dads called "One for the Dads" to create a safe, private space on social media for asking questions and sharing challenges.

She recently asked the group what they were having the most trouble with in their parenting and they said they wanted to know "How do you stick to your guns and hold limits with your kids, without feeling like a bad guy".

So, she created a 3-day Facebook Challenge called the "Stick to your Guns Parenting Bootcamp for Divorced Dads - and other Nice Guys". The bootcamp ran a few weeks ago, but she's offered my listeners to access the replay.

You can sign up for that by going to and she'll send you the videos.

You can also join Tracy and other dads on Facebook at

Also, you also read more about Tracy on the website:

And also can listen to her podcast Essential Stepmom, which I had the pleasure of being on a little while back :)

If you want to reach out to me, please do so at

or on my website


Stay Safe! :)


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